** Important! **

The Washington County Electronic Report System (ERS) in which you have just logged into deliver up to the minute, real-time data from the case management and docketing system(s) of the Court of Common Pleas of Washington County Civil and Orphans Court Divisions. It is important to understand that you are viewing data from a live database. In that the data is live and in real time, users must allow recent data entries to be entered, verified and completed within their respective databases. In order to ensure that the data entries for which you are viewing are validated and complete, please allow for at least seven (7) business days to pass before said data is considered validated and complete. Additionally, in order to comply with statutory requirements, Protection From Abuse (PFA) cases are not included within the Civil Court Indexes and Reports enclosed herein. Information related to PFA cases can be obtained by visiting the Prothonotary's Office at 1 South Main Street in Washington, Pennsylvania.

Case Docketing, Party Detail, Judgment Index, and other information can only be obtained online through the Electronic Retrieval System Subscription Service below. Additional information and Certified Copies of Court and Case filing materials are also available at the each of the respective Recording offices listed below:

Civil Division
Washington County Prothonotary
1 South Main Street
Suite 1001
Washington, Pennsylvania 15301
Orphans' Court Division
Washington County Register of Wills & Clerk of the Orphans' Court
1 South Main Street
Suite 1002
Washington, Pennsylvania 15301